The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Railroad is a late-comer to the transcontinental game, but like it’s predecessors it needs to add customers, and to add customers, the CM&StP sells land and create towns, bringing new people and new problems.

The Pioneer Spirit Masks the Greed
In every town along the railroad, there are opportunities to make a name for yourself and those who get in on the ground floor have the best chance. But greedy opportunists pray on the poor who just want a piece of land to call their own.

Something Lurks Below
But others have been here for much longer than these “modern men,” some even longer than man. Native American tales hint at the truth, but can these industrial age men suss out what is buried in the past?

The Clash of Old and New
Farmer vs Industrialist, Magic vs “Modern Man”, Indian Legend vs the modern world view, open range vs the protection of fences. Change is coming, but how it will happen and where it will lead is anybody’s guess.

A Touch of Fate
Four men come together in a twist of fate and find themselves at the beginning of an adventure that will take them into the past to save the future. And it all starts with muddy footprints that lead to the railroad depot at Harlowton, Montana.

The Buried Past